Draw and write in this virtual blackboard


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Board800 is an online drawing tool that is easy to use and has interesting features.

You can use the "pencil" to draw free-form, or to directly create squares, circles and triangles with their corresponding tools. Likewise, you can use the writing tool to add text to your designs.

Move any items that you have added to your whiteboard is as easy as dragging the mouse. To delete, you simply have to take the items to the Trash icon. Simple as that.

Board800 has many different pages to which you can access with just one click. In addition, you can change the opacity of the elements to merge more easily.

Once you have complete your drawing, you can save it in PNG format, so you will not lose one iota of quality in the process.

Board800 application is an interesting application that offers a range of possibilities similar to Paint, but much improved.
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